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What are Shaker Kitchens and Where are They From?

One kitchen cabinet style that has stood the test of time is the Shaker Kitchen. These understated cabinets modestly conceal their excellent design and craftsmanship. Because of its naive simplicity, you can find Shaker style in modern, traditional, high-end and budget kitchens alike. Its inception is a story of honesty of materials, traditional joinery, and [...]

How To Style Your Kitchen Like A Pro

Do you ever look at kitchens in magazines and on blogs and wonder how they get it looking so effortlessly stylish? It's not only the cabinetry and hardware that make your kitchen: styling your kitchen often add the touches that elevate the design to the next level. We spend so much time in the kitchen, [...]

6 Tips to Make the Most of an Outdoor Kitchen

Whether it's for simple family meals or for large gatherings, having an area outdoors for entertaining is a great way to enjoy beautiful days. Including cooking facilities with an al fresco kitchen allows everything to happen in one space. The design of your kitchen is important, ensuring ease of use and practicality. The simpler it [...]

6 of the Best Solutions for Corner Cupboards

Corner cupboards can be extremely tricky spaces to use efficiently in a kitchen. These cupboards often offer a lot of storage space, but it is space that is difficult to access. This often leads to cupboards which store barely used items in awkward and messy stacks. We've come up with 6 clever solutions for corner [...]

How To Choose The Best Countertop For Your Kitchen

A big aesthetic consideration in your kitchen is your choice of countertop. There are many options to choose from, but mostly it’s going to come down to 2 deciding factors: functionality and cost. Functionality The different activities in a kitchen will determine which countertops are most suitable. A very busy kitchen where hygiene is the [...]