Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Design & Measurement

What makes us stand out is that we offer beautiful kitchens, high levels of customisation, outstanding service, and all at a great price. And over the last 33 years, we’ve built up a team of craftsmen who take exceptional pride in their work. Our company started off building reproduction furniture. This is highly skilled and demands a level of attention to detail that you rarely find these days and we bring those accumulated skills to bear when building your kitchen. Furthermore, you simply don’t last in this business for this long unless you know what you are doing and can provide outstanding service.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on default parts and installation on all private retail kitchens bought directly through our showroom in Dun Laoghaire. The guarantee does not cover natural wear and tear.

Please note: This guarantee is for our private retail customers only. If you bought a house/apartment with a kitchen installed by Fitzgerald Kitchen Contract, please visit their website.

Yes, we can manage the job from end to end. In fact we offer a variety of approaches, from a cash and carry approach where you complete the design of the kitchen yourself, we manufacture it for you and you organise the delivery and installation by yourself, all the way up to where we take care of everything from end to end.

Our kitchens range in price from approx.€7,500 up to €50,000 and beyond.

Yes, we will visit your home and measure your kitchen.

No, our factory premises is located in West Wicklow so we only fit in Leinster.

Yes we can. It will make a fine start but at some stage, we’ll need to visit your home just to confirm all measurements.
For painted kitchens, we’ll work with you to get the colour that best matches your needs.
You can easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Construction Work


Absolutely, if fact we pride ourselves on offering extreme customisation. We make our own doors so we are not constrained by off the shelve doors sizes. That allows us to easily customise what we build to your personal needs.
Sure, that’s no problem, we offer extreme customisation.
Sure, we can build it anyway you want.
Yes, all our kitchens are made from 18mm mdf or plywood depending on your choice.
Yes we can. We can build anything you want.

Payment & Price

50% up front and the balance on delivery.
Provided that the timeframe is not too long, yes, we can accommodate that.
No we don’t offer that service.


We provide a full range of worktops from all the top suppliers in the country.

Delivery & Installation

Again it depends, but usually between two to four weeks. We can expedite delivery under special circumstances. Ask your kitchen designer.
From between one to three days depending on its size.
Yes, we have a team of experienced fitters who will install and work on your kitchens until you are completely satisfied.

Appliances and Accessories

Yes, we can,. Ask your kitchen designer for more details.
Yes you can. However, if the appliance are built in and we have quoted for installing them for you, you have to make
sure that they are on-site before we start installing your kitchen to minimise your cost. If we have to send our fitters
back just to finish off installing your built in appliances, you will incur additional charges.
Sure, that’s not a problem.
Yes, we can, just ask your kitchen designer.
Of course. Again, just ask your kitchen designer.
Of course. Again, just ask your kitchen designer.
Yes, we can. We offer a wide variety of sizes to suit all needs.
No, you will need to supply that yourself.


Unless it was a kitchen bought through our Dun Laoghaire showroom, no, unfortunately, we do not bid on this kind of work anymore and we cannot do it competitively.

Bedroom & Office Furniture

Yes we do. Ask your kitchen designer for details.
We do manufacture built in office furniture. However, we don’t supply standalone office furniture.
We offer a wide range of colours. Again, contact your kitchen designer for more details.
Yes we can. Again consult with your Kitchen Designer.
We offer a wide range of colours here as well. Again, contact your kitchen designer for more details.

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