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Take a Peek Into 8 Exquisite Celebrity Chef Kitchens

What better place to start looking for kitchen inspiration, than in a celebrity chef’s kitchen?  Take a peek into celebrated chefs’ homes; you’ll find that their knowledge of the culinary arts doesn’t end at creating delicious food, but seeps through into their interior spaces. The result is practical, restaurant-inspired kitchens worthy of the best home-made [...]


101 Of the Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking for the perfect kitchen design ideas to suit your home and lifestyle? We have searched high and low to bring you these inspiring images, grouped into twelve different styles to help you find the best design. Here are 101 kitchen design ideas to inspire your new kitchen! 1. Bohemian A Beautiful Mess & Apartment [...]


7 Easy Ways to Create Professional Kitchen Lighting

Great lighting is essential for efficiency and safety in your kitchen, but lighting does not have to be only functional task lighting. While task lighting is important, lighting also sets the mood, can serve to illuminate and highlight your favourite kitchen features, as well as be a striking focal point in the room. Selecting the [...]


5 Of The Coolest Kitchen Table and Chair Combinations

While the TV tray was the epitome of chic comfort in the 1960's, TV dinners are increasingly becoming a thing of the past as families realise the advantages of eating together at the table. Because of this new value, the eat-in kitchen has also quickly become a must-have rather than luxury, so we have put together [...]


What are Shaker Kitchens and Where are They From?

One kitchen cabinet style that has stood the test of time is the Shaker Kitchen. These understated cabinets modestly conceal their excellent design and craftsmanship. Because of its naive simplicity, you can find Shaker style in modern, traditional, high-end and budget kitchens alike. Its inception is a story of honesty of materials, traditional joinery, and [...]


5 Quick Fixes to Update a Tired Kitchen

Updating your kitchen often seems like a daunting task, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are many quick updates that can bring new life to a tired kitchen, without breaking the bank. Keeping your kitchen lively and up to date not only encourages you to spend more time in it, but it [...]


How To Style Your Kitchen Like A Pro

Do you ever look at kitchens in magazines and on blogs and wonder how they get it looking so effortlessly stylish? It's not only the cabinetry and hardware that make your kitchen: styling your kitchen often add the touches that elevate the design to the next level. We spend so much time in the kitchen, [...]


5 Clever Tips to Take Kitchen Storage to the Next Level

Having sufficient and convenient storage space should be a feature of every well-designed kitchen. Unfortunately, poor storage is still a common concern for many homeowners. Clever storage systems not only help to keep your kitchen neat and tidy; it also makes it so much easier to use the room to its full potential. Here are [...]