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Top 10 Trends for Modern Kitchens

Eclectic Trends & Katty Schiebeck There’s no more wholesome a room than the kitchen but the latest trends in kitchen design introduce a bit of glamour to this hard working space. These include surprising elements, from oversized light fittings to lovely practical features that are future-forward. The message is loud and clear: modern kitchens are [...]

Dublin Kitchens: The 7 Latest Trends

With the cooler weather settling in, it’s time to move back indoors and focus on the heart of the home: the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to update, completely revamp or just give your kitchen a quick facelift, it’s always good to get as much inspiration as possible first. Every year there are a few stand-out [...]

What is Great Kitchen Design?

Architectural Design The decision to install a new kitchen is a big one, both financially and emotionally. But how do you know if the kitchen design that you envision, is going to be great? We’ve put together a checklist of things to consider when you are planning your new kitchen. If you take all of [...]