Top 10 Trends for Modern Kitchens

Eclectic Trends & Katty Schiebeck There’s no more wholesome a room than the kitchen but the latest trends in kitchen design introduce a bit of glamour to this hard working space. These include surprising elements, from oversized light fittings to lovely practical features that are future-forward. The message is loud and clear: modern kitchens are [...]

Dublin Kitchens: The 10 Latest Trends

The Top 10 Trends in Dublin Kitchens this Year: Easy to CleanWarming WoodUltimate ConvenienceClever StorageOpen-plan Living KitchensEnvironmentally Conscious Smart AppliancesOutdoors IntegrationLarge IslandsTouchless Faucets The global pandemic has totally changed the way we experience our homes. Kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms were suddenly being used for work, school, relaxation and socialising for months on end. For [...]

What is Great Kitchen Design?

Source: Better Homes & Gardens Great Kitchen Design starts with careful planning: Use ergonomic kitchen design principles Keep things practical as well as beautiful Ensure accessibility of cabinetry, appliances and work surfaces Always keep your lifestyle in mind Aim for a timeless kitchen design that won't age while adding value By using these 5 points [...]