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6 Tips for a Kitchen for a Large Family

The kitchen is not only a place to prepare family meals. It’s also a space that sees children doing homework while Mom is preparing lunch, or where impromptu guests gather over a glass of wine for a good heart to heart. It’s become a hard-working space with lots of functions to fulfil the entire family’s needs, especially [...]

9 Essential Kitchen Cabinet Types

Designing your kitchen to truly be the organized and functional space you have always dreamed of, is as simple as choosing the right cabinets to do the job. To help you choose, we’ll be discussing nine different clever kitchen cabinet types and their uses in this post. BTW, check out our Kitchen Design Ideas section [...]

7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing the right kitchen doors for the specific look you want to achieve in your kitchen can be daunting. We have demystified door styles for you by showing you 7 examples of the most popular styles available to create the kitchen of your dreams. BTW, check out our Kitchen Design Ideas section if you need [...]

What Exactly are Hand Painted Kitchens?

What is a hand-painted kitchen? A hand-painted kitchen is a type of kitchen finish where cabinets and door fronts are primed and then hand painted according to the home owner’s preferred style. Hand-painted kitchen styles include traditional, cottage, weathered or sleek and contemporary. Kitchens cabinets can be hand painted if they are made from bare, [...]

Top 10 Trends for Modern Kitchens

Eclectic Trends & Katty Schiebeck There’s no more wholesome a room than the kitchen but the latest trends in kitchen design introduce a bit of glamour to this hard working space. These include surprising elements, from oversized light fittings to lovely practical features that are future-forward. The message is loud and clear: modern kitchens are [...]