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5 Quick Fixes to Update a Tired Kitchen

Updating your kitchen often seems like a daunting task, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are many quick updates that can bring new life to a tired kitchen, without breaking the bank. Keeping your kitchen lively and up to date not only encourages you to spend more time in it, but it [...]

101 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2017

Looking for the perfect kitchen style to suit your home and lifestyle? We have searched high and low to bring you these inspirational images, grouped in twelve different styles to help you find the best fit. Here are 101 kitchen design ideas to inspire your new kitchen! Bohemian A Beautiful Mess & Apartment Therapy Being [...]

The Amazing AGA and Why You Should Get One

AGA has become synonymous with traditional kitchens throughout the UK for nearly a century. Since its invention, the coal-burning AGA has evolved to accommodate modern fuel sources while still maintaining is practical and aesthetic capabilities. The AGA was invented in 1922 by blind Nobel Prize-winner and physicist, Gustaf Dalén. Dalen lost his sight in a [...]