Beginner’s Guide To Kitchen Lighting

Introduction Lighting affects both how we use and how we experience a space. And with the kitchen becoming the centre of the home for family, work and entertainment, lighting is a critical part of the design of the room. Unfortunately, lighting is often treated as an afterthought, something that gets added when most of the [...]

Take a Peek Into 8 Exquisite Celebrity Chef Kitchens

What better place to start looking for kitchen inspiration, than in a celebrity chef’s kitchen?  Take a peek into celebrated chefs’ homes; you’ll find that their knowledge of the culinary arts doesn’t end at creating delicious food, but seeps through into their interior spaces. The result is practical, restaurant-inspired kitchens worthy of the best home-made [...]

What is a Shaker Style Kitchen and Where Did it Come From?

What is a Shaker Kitchen Style? A Shaker Kitchen is a kitchen style that is distinctly minimal with a clean-lined design that has little or no decoration. Shaker Style Kitchens have simple linesare understatedhave timeless eleganceare specifically unadornedfocus on practical designshowcase exquisite craftsmanship Shaker Kitchen cabinet doors consist of a recessed panel and a four-piece [...]

10 Tips to Make the Most of an Outdoor Kitchen

Whether it's for simple family meals or for large gatherings, having an area outdoors for entertaining is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Here are our top 10 tips for creating your outdoor kitchen, no matter the weather! How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen Choose durable and non-porous materials. Plan for any weather by [...]

15 of the most beautiful kitchen backsplashes

What are Kitchen Backsplashes? Kitchen backsplashes (also called a splashback in the UK) is the material installed against the wall between the kitchen counter and upper cabinets. It is usually made from durable and wipeable materials, which provides protection against spills and messes. Kitchen backsplashes can also be a decorative feature in a kitchen. [...]