Germany has always been at the forefront of innovative design and precision engineering. When we look at kitchen design trends then, it makes sense that we need to see what’s happening in this international design hub! Here are 7 German kitchen design trends that you can expect to dominate in 2018.

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1. Engineering & High Tech

smart kitchen control panel

Germany is synonymous with superior engineering, and the German kitchen follows that notion. A fully integrated smart kitchen includes smart appliances and energy-saving measures. Think kitchen of the future, where you can experience ultimate convenience through integrated technology. Popular additions include motion-activated faucets and clever storage to maximise space. Other great options are energy-saving LED lighting, smart dishwashers and touchscreens to control lighting and cooking.

2. Matte Finishes

matte black kitchen cabinet

Apartment Therapy & Semfin

Shiny surfaces had their day, but now it’s time to go matte! Matte cabinets and countertops compliment any modern design and add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Matte black first took over the automotive market when luxury brands started offering matte colours as a standard finish in the early 2010’s. Since then it has trickled down to fashion, home decor and interiors and has become an increasingly popular finish. Matte black kitchen cabinetry is a firm favourite among designers and consumers alike, creating a dramatic and modern room. Team matte black with warm wood and white for a trendy kitchen.

3. Thin Profiles

grey kitchen thin countertops

Schaubsrote & Remodelista

Thin countertops are quickly gaining popularity over thicker profiles. Thin natural stone or manufactured countertop adds a subtle linear quality to your kitchen. Stainless steel also creates an ultra-thin countertop profile for a sleek, industrial look. Choose countertops that have a contrasting colour to the cabinets for maximum effect.

4. Natural Wood Textures

burl wood and heavy grain kitchen cabinets

Sun Sou Style & Elle Decor

Celebrate the natural beauty of wood with cabinet fronts in naked wood. Wood types like walnut, black ebony, and rosewood have unique natural textures that create striking wood panels. For something different, you can also choose burl wood. Many wood species have burl options. Burl is the wood harvested from trees that have undergone stress or disease, causing it to grow in an unusual way. You can of course also opt for wood veneer as a cost-effective option.

5. Patterns

brightly patterned kitchen tiles

Style At Home & Kuechen Traum Planner

Patterned tiles inspired by the craft of Mexican artisans have been popular for a while. These tiles have now evolved into printed versions with modern patterns, creating beautiful focal walls and backsplashes in German kitchens. Install tiles as a focal area behind an oven or sink, or create an entire patterned wall. These tiles are also great to create vibrant flooring. Team these busy patterns with plain cabinetry and solid colours.

6. Colour Accents

modern yellow kitchen

The Times & Patricia Schen

Step out of your comfort zone and add some bright colours to your kitchen! Choose strong colours and use them in one area for maximum effect, with dots of colour to emphasise. Cabinets, walls, and even ceilings can be painted in a strong colour. Or if your sensibilities prevent you from being too extravagant, add some colour as a backsplash or with bright accessories.

7. Metal Finishes

copper cladding kitchen

Elle Decor & Denoit

We’ve always had metal appliances and fixtures in our kitchens, but now they are becoming more pronounced and luxurious. Kitchens decked out in metallic cabinets, backsplashes and even metallic floors are becoming increasingly popular. But you don’t necessarily need to go to the expense of clad your cabinets in metal! As with wood finishes, there are many different imitation metal finishes and laminates available that you can use instead.

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