Getting your spouse on board with a kitchen renovation might be challenging, especially when he or she is not the one preparing meals! But a relationship, unlike that of war, is a partnership in which big decisions are best made together. So, to get the talking up to a steady canter, we’ve put together 6 compelling points that will hopefully sell your kitchen to your spouse.

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1. Increased Property Value

French Cottage Style Kitchen

Alison Giese & Alison Giese

Because a kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home, a remodel can add substantial value to a property. According to ZOPA homeowners can make an 80-90% return on their kitchen renovating investment. However, don’t spend more than 15% of the value of your home on a kitchen renovation, because this will surpasses the possible return value.

Consider why you want to renovate your kitchen. Planning on reselling your home within a year or two? Then opt for an aesthetic makeover to increase home value without leaving you penniless. Starting a family soon, but the kitchen already feels too tight for two? Consider a larger scale revamp that opens up the layout. Whichever route you go, set up a clear budget with a 20% buffer for unforeseen expenses.

2. Better Use of Space

Modern Kitchens with Green Metro Tile

Studio Stamp & Justina Blakeney

The kitchen can be a crowded place, and if you and family spend a lot of time there, it is crucial to make the best use of the available space. Innovative storage solutions allow small kitchens to benefit from clever new cabinetry inserts that maximise space and enhance the flow of kitchen traffic. Or for a for a quick and budget-friendly update, utilise under-cabinet space to arrange hooks for utensils and cookware. These upgrades will ensure better flow through your kitchen, allowing all members of the family to use the space with ease.

3. Value for Money

White Kitchen with Arty Details

The Everygirl & Style by Emily Henderson

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to give your kitchen a makeover. You can use the existing carcasses of your cabinetry, and only change the fronts and countertops for a whole new kitchen look. Or, choose the ultimate budget-friendly option; the cosmetic refresh. Paint cabinet fronts, walls or even the kitchen ceiling for a fresh new look. Replace overhead cabinet fronts with glass or shutters, or update the cabinet hardware. The easiest and most economical way to add zest to your kitchen is through striking feature lighting. Pick a cluster of pendants or a chandelier to create a striking focal.

4. Quality Time for the Family

Open {Plan Black and White Kitchens

Logan Killen & The Everygirl

A well-designed kitchen may well mean more quality time with the family. A kitchen often is the hearth and heart of a home, where many families spend a lot of their active time. Even the busiest people need to eat, and the kitchen is where quick catch-ups, homework and chats end up happening. An open, beautiful kitchen will feel more inviting and promote extended family-time in a relaxed environment.

5. Better Meals

Blue Grey Kitchen with Metro Tile and Breakfast Nook

Apartment Therapy & Apartment Therapy

Whether you’ll be cooking better meals is debatable, but working with updated appliances and cookware can only give your culinary expertise a boost. Think about it: a dishwasher will free-up valuable family- and personal time; a food processor can make smoothies, dips, juice, pastes among other wonderful things. A smart fridge can even do the grocery shopping for you. Whether you go all out with new appliances or upgrade only a few key pieces, clever upgrades will make the world of difference in your new kitchen.

6. Your Happiness

Colourful Kitchen with Wood Detail and Open Shelving

Logan Killen & Justina Blakeney

As the saying goes: happy spouse, happy house! So if everything else fails, emphasise the happiness that a new, upgraded kitchen will bring to you – and subsequently your spouse!

Once you’ve reeled in your spouse, or if you need a little help in convincing him or her, contact our friendly consultants to assist you in all aspects of your new kitchen journey.

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